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Smoke alarm.

New interconnection requirement for smoke alarms in new dwellings

The Building Commission website now provides updated information on a new interconnection requirement for mains-powered residential smoke alarms in new dwellings from 1 May 2015. This information replaces any previous information issued.

Industry Bulletin 40 – Interconnection of smoke alarms – for construction of new dwellings only

Provides guidance for the building industry and electricians in relation to new interconnection requirements for mains-powered residential smoke alarms under the Building Code of Australia.

Industry Bulletin 41 – No interconnection of smoke alarms required in existing dwellings built before 1 May 2015 when selling, transferring ownership, renting or hiring

Provides updated advice to lessors (landlords), real estate agents, settlement agents, electricians and local governments clarifying that the new BCA interconnection requirements for smoke alarms will not apply to existing dwellings approved for construction or built before 1 May 2015 when selling, transferring ownership, renting or hiring the dwelling.

The Smoke alarm laws fact sheet has also been updated to reflect the changes. The latest version is dated April 2014 on the lower, right-hand side of page 3 of the fact sheet. Please disregard copies of and links to previous versions issued.

Should you have any issues accessing the current information, please email

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