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About the Boards

Building Services Board

Part 7 of the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011 provides for the establishment and powers of the Building Services Board (the Board).

The Board consists of the following members appointed by the Minister —

  • a member designated by the Minister as chairperson of the Board;
  • a member designated by the Minister as deputy chairperson of the Board;
  • 2 members each of whom has knowledge of and experience in representing the interests of consumers; and
  • for each occupation group — 2 members each of whom has experience as a registered building service provider in a class comprising that group.

The Board holds regular meetings and may appoint committees to assist it to perform its functions.

Plumbers Licensing Board

The Plumbers Licensing Board has been operating since 2000 and comprises seven members appointed by the Minister for Commerce in accordance with the Regulations.