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Most people’s biggest investment is their home, and if a contract to build or renovate goes wrong it can cost a lot of money, time and anguish to resolve.   The Building Commission is a one-stop shop for the regulation of building, painting and plumbing services.  New laws have been introduced and are outlined on the quick guide 'Western Australia's new building laws'.

The Building Services (Registration) Act sets up a process to register building practitioners who can demonstrate skills and experience, and to register contractors who have the capacity to deliver building services.  A person who is not a registered building service contractor must not carry out, or contract to carry out, prescribed building services.   

Before engaging a building service such as a builder, a painter, a building surveyor or a plumber, ensure their registration or licence is current by searching for a building service provider

Owners of land wanting to build or renovate your own home or small commercial building with the intention of residing in or using the building, can apply for approval from the Building Services Board to be an owner-builder.

The Building Commission produces a range of publications which may be of interest to you when buying, building or renovating a home. The publications are available to download from the Forms and Publications tab.

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