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Sustainability is an important factor in any project.

Whether it be buying or renovating your own home, looking at the overall economic, environmental and personal or social effects of your choices is fundamental to the success of your project.

In terms of building or renovating your own home there is much you can do to ensure that your project is energy and water efficient, reduces its impact on climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and is as 'green' as possible. However this will inevitably involve trade-offs between what you would like, can afford or feel is environmentally responsible.

See information about 6 Star Sustainability

Further Information

There are many sources of information on what makes a building sustainable. Indeed, the amount of information can be quite overwhelming.

Here are some effective publications and websites that will help you access the information you need quickly.

'Your Home' is a Commonwealth Government initiative that consists of brochures and a website that are aimed at helping you through the building process.

Your Home Buyer's Guide takes you step-by-step through the process of building your new home and will help you understand the options available and will explain what questions to ask.

Your Home Renovator's Guide is a sister publication that will take you through each stage of a renovation or addition, from planning to decorating. is where you can download the Guides and also get some facts and figures from the online 'Technical Manual' - a very accessible tool for those who want to know more. - This is a new site from the Commonwealth Government with information and actions to help you make more sustainable lifestyle choices, and it also links to current Commonwealth rebates, cutting the cost of being greener.