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Swimming and Spa Pools

Legislation in Western Australia requires a barrier to be provided around private swimming or spa pools for the protection of young children who may enter that area with or without the knowledge or consent of the owner or occupier of a property.

Western Australia adopts Australian Standard AS 1926.1 - 1993 (incorporating Amendment No. 1 only) as the minimum standard for swimming and spa pool fencing.

The Building Commission has produced a publication to assist swimming pool and spa owners understand the barrier requirements for swimming and spa pools. 

A publication relevant to swimming pool inspections is currently being reviewed in line with recent changes to the legislation.  The new edition will be available in 2014.   

For site specific advice as to whether your swimming pool or spa barrier complies with the requirements, please contact your local government. Contact details are available on the Department of Local Government website.

To view the legislation pertaining to private swimming pools, please view the Building Act 2011 (WA) and Building Regulations 2012 (WA).  These are available from the State Law Publisher website.