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Payment Disputes

Every day, individuals and organisations enter into contracts for building and construction work. Sometimes disputes arise over payment.

The Construction Contracts Act 2004 provides a rapid adjudication process to resolve these disputes, whether they are written or oral contracts. The Act allows for the appointment of an adjudicator and sets strict time limits on the process so that decisions can be made quickly and payment is not held up. 

Adjudicators are registered trained professionals who are experienced in construction contract administration and dispute resolution. Where a claim has been lodged, parties to a contract may agree on a registered adjudicator who can then review the issue and expedite payment.

Where agreement on a registered adjudicator is not possible, parties to the contract may apply to a registered appointor who will assign an adjudicator for them.

Download our Fact Sheet on Construction Contracts Act (153 KB).

Please note that the adjudication process under the Construction Contracts Act 2004, does not cover salary or wage disputes. For help resolving a salary or wage dispute, please contact the Fair Work Ombudsman by telephoning 13 13 94.

Information for subcontractors

If you are a subcontractor and have a payment dispute, please download the Department of Finance publications Information for subcontractors if you are not being paid and Subcontracting in the building and construction industry for information.