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Industry Bulletins

Building Commission Industry Bulletins are published to provide regular updates on legislative requirements for the building industry of Western Australia.  As well as being available for download, published Industry Bulletins are distributed via email to industry and government stakeholders.

IB041  No interconnection of smoke alarms required in existing dwellings built before 1 May 2015 when selling, transferring ownership, renting or hiring
IB040  Interconnection of smoke alarms – for construction of new dwellings only 
IB039 Building Amendment Regulations 2014
IB038  Alterations and additions – extension of transition period for energy efficiency requirements to 2015 
IB037  Waterproofing of external above ground building elements 
IB036  Weatherproofing of projections through metal roof surfaces 
IB035 Providing notices of completion for incidental structures (swimming pools, fences, garages and sheds)
IB034 Obtaining consent from neighbours before accessing their land 
IB033 Extension of Ministerial Order regarding owner signature 
IB032  Durability of roof tie down connectors (straps) 
IB031 Placement, curing and finishing of residential concrete floor slabs 
IB030 Providing a Notice for the Home Owner
Advertising rules for builders, painters, building surveyors and owner-builders
IB028 Signage rules for builders, painters, building surveyors and owner-builders
IB027 Late Applications for Registration Renewal
IB026 Building Amendment Regulations (no 2) 2013
IB025 Extension of Ministerial Order regarding owner signatures
IB024 Building Amendment Regulations 2013
IB023 Building Permits for Fit Outs – May 2013
IB022 New advertising provisions – May 2013
IB021 New signage provisions – May 2013
IB020 Plumbing admin services at Osborne Park office cease – April 2013
IB019 Updated Building Act Forms – March 2013
IB016  Building Amendment Regulations (No 2) 2012 – December 2012
IB015 Occupancy permits for renovation, fitout or other minor building work – December 2012
IB011 Fines for Perth apartment building work – November 2012
IB010 Building Act amendments – October 2012


Building Commission clarification of Western Australian Local Government (WALGA) Infopage update of 7 September 2012 – ABSA energy rating certification process – October 2012
IB008 Building permits now required before work commences – October 2012
IB007 Energy efficiency requirements in the BCA 2012 using a NatHERS software tool – September 2012
IB006 SAT decision (2012) WASAT 156 – July 2012 



Further moves to fast track building approvals – July 2012 

Building Commission regulations changes – June 2012 

IB003 Variations and amendments to building work – May 2012
IB002 - Building permit applications prospective owners – May 2012
Archive  Previously published and no longer current Industry Bulletins