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A person wishing to carry out building work on their own land may seek approval to obtain a building permit as an owner-builder.

Before taking on a building project as an owner-builder, it is important to be aware of the responsibilities, restrictions and the risks involved, and consider whether your knowledge and experience is sufficient to successfully carry out the building work.

As an owner-builder you are:

  • legally responsible for the management and supervision of the entire project from start to finish, and for at least 6 years after.
  • liable if the building work does not comply with all building standards and safety regulations.

The liability associated with the responsibilities of being an owner-builder can not be delegated - no matter who you employ or contract work out to.  If you decide to sell the home, you must take out a policy of Home Indemnity Insurance and you may be responsible for rectifying any faults identified by the purchaser after the sale.