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Under the new Building Services (Registration) Act 2011, a registered building contractor is required to be registered to carry out building work valued over $20,000.  New legislation has introduced two new categories of registration.


Previously Registered Builders

Builders that were previously registered under the Builders' Registration Act 1939 have automatically continued to be registered under the new building services legislation. Previously registered individuals will be registered as both 'building practitioners' and 'building contractors', while partnerships and companies will be registered as 'building contractors'.

At the time of renewing registration in 2012, builders registered as individuals can decide whether to keep their dual registration status or choose to be either a registered practitioner or contractor.

The Building Commission will write to builders with renewal options prior to the renewal date of their registration.


Mutual Recognition Applicants

An applicant under the Mutual Recognition (Western Australian) Act 2010 is entitled to an equivalent occupation in WA as a Building Practitioner only.  This type of application is determined within one month.

If you want to contract for building work with others, you have the option to make separate application for a contractor’s registration under section 18 of the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011. 

If your practitioner’s registration has conditions on the scope of work you are permitted to carry out, this will be reflected on your contractor’s registration.

As the Board must approve all conditional registrations, once your application is processed, it will be submitted to the ensuing monthly Board meeting scheduled.