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Licensing and Registration

If you are in business providing building services such as building, building surveying, plumbing or painting, then most likely you must be registered by the Building Services Board or in the case of plumbers, by the Plumbers Licensing Board.
Registration demonstrates to the community that you have the qualifications and experience required to provide an appropriate service; that you are entitled by law to enter into contracts to provide the building service; and that you can be held accountable for your compliance with the standards that apply to your service.

The Building Services Board is an independent statutory body established by the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011.  The Plumbers Licensing Board is established by the Water services Licensing Act 1995.  Both boards are administered by the Building Commission.

Adjudicators who intend to conduct adjudication proceedings under the Construction Contracts Act 2004 are required to be registered by the Building Commissioner.

In Western Australia there are also other building industry trades that require licensing.

To find out more about obtaining registration or how to renew your existing registration or licence select from the occupations listed below.

Building surveyors

If you intend to build on your own land, you may apply to the Building Services Board for owner-builder approval.  This approval must be granted before the local government in the area you intend to build can issue a building permit.