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In order to carry out plumbing work in Western Australia a person must hold the appropriate licence.  The Plumbers Licensing Board issues three classes of licence:

  1. Plumbing Contractor's Licence and Plumbing Contractor's (Drainage Plumbing) Licence
  2. Tradesperson's Licence and Tradesperson's (Drainage Plumbing) Licence
  3. Restricted Plumbing Permit

While both licensed plumbing contractors and tradespersons are qualified to carry out plumbing work, only a licensed plumbing contractor is qualified to certify that the work complies with the relevant plumbing standards.  A licensed tradesperson must work under the general direction and control of a licensed plumbing contractor.

When applying for a licence, consideration is given to whether plumbers have experience in another state, territory or country.  Currently licensed plumbers may wish to access information regarding mutual recognition.  This includes licensed plumbers from: