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Building Approvals (Class 1a housing applications) - Updated Information

Changing the Building Act has been a complex process and difficulties associated with the introduction of the new laws have had unintended consequences, causing some delays.

The Building Commission, together with representatives of the building industry, has acted quickly to resolve the issues in order to fast-track the permit approval process.  One of the ways we are addressing these concerns is to make a number of changes to the Regulations that support the Act. 

In the meantime, we have produced this information kit as a response to the short-term needs of industry.  The kit comprises:

Building Act 2011 Overview (PDF 305KB)

Summary of interim changes to the legislation (PDF 272KB)

Building approvals checklist - uncertified applications (PDF 121KB)

Local Government Standardised Processing Manual (PDF 1MB)

Access to neighbours land (PDF 196KB)

A pro forma statement on Planning (90KB)

A pro forma statement on Work Affecting Other Land (96KB)

Building Approvals Hotline

To help you further, a dedicated Building Approvals Hotline operated by the Building Commission has been set up to assist - call 1300 771 315 for immediate assistance.

Industry Information Seminars

A series of "ask the experts" seminars on the building approvals system have been held for local government permit authorities, builders and associated professions. It may be possible to arrange a seminar to be held at your workplace.

Earlier Changes Announced

Earlier information about moves to fast-track building approvals was published on the Building Commission website in early July 2012.



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