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Moves to fast-track Building Approvals

Since the Building Act 2011 came into effect on 2 April 2012 statistics show there has been a decline in building permit approvals and following consultation with building industry and local governments the Building Commission has identified a number of improvements to streamline the new building approvals process.  Industry Bulletin No. 4 Building Commission regulations changes - June 2012 sets out the key changes.  Further amendments taking effect from 24 July 2012 are set out in Industry Bulletin No. 5.

Work Affecting Other Land

The original Work Affecting Other Land notice and consent form has been updated to two separate forms.  One for Encroachment and Adversely affecting other land (BA20) where consent is required before lodging an application for a building permit.  The second for other notifiable events (BA20A) where consent is required before commencing any work. 

The previous Notice and Request for Consent to Work Affecting Other Land BA20 can continue to be used. Further details and the new notice and consent forms are now available.

Certificate of Design Compliance

The Certificate of Design Compliance has been amended to remove the statement that identifies work that adversely affects other land and that the application complies with each prescribed authority.  Download the .


Amendment Regulations to give effect to these changes were published in the Government Gazette on Friday 15 June and are now available on the Building Commission website.

Applications Checklist

A checklist to assist permit authorities to consistently apply the requirements associated with the new building approval processes has been developed. This checklist is for all building.  A separate checklist for an uncertified application for Class 1a (residential) is also available.

Ministerial Order

Lodging a building permit application with the local government permit authority between 1 January 2012 and 30 September 2012 (previously 30 June 2012) allows the builder or applicant to start building immediately, ie before the building permit is granted by the local government permit authority.

This only applies to a Classs 1a (residential) or Class 10 (shed) building or incidental structure and does NOT apply to any building permit that has been refused by the permit authority.

This will not remove the obligation (if required) to obtain all other necessary approvals such as planning, give required notifications and to build in accordance with the building standards.  Non-compliant building work will still be subject to enforcement action by the local government, including the potential for orders to cease work or demolish the building or structure.

Before you start building you must be certain that you are allowed to do so.

Building Approvals Information Kit for Class 1a (Residential) housing

For more information on building approvals for Class1a (residential) building refer to the building approvals information kit.